Scientists From Singapore Have Invented a Patch That Can Burn Body Fat Without Exercise

When diet and exercise isn’t enough, people often think outside of the box to promote weight loss and body health. Even now, scientists from Singapore have claimed to have created a new device to help people safely lose weight and it works by directly targeting body fat.
We at Bright Side love to share new innovations in healthcare and so we’re sharing this story with you, which could help the many people fighting with obesity worldwide.

The new patch, which is said to be as easy to apply as a Band-Aid and can help promote weight loss without exercise, was invented by Professor Chen Peng and Assistant Professor Xu Chenjie of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore’s School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.

A problem with many weight-loss products is that they target water weight and not pure body fat, which is also easily replenished. This patch, however, allegedly targets body fat directly. Using microneedles, the device is said to insert drugs into the body that will help convert white fat cells, which the body stores, to brown fat cells, which the body burns to produce heat. In the past, people have also use cryotherapy or freezing, to achieve a similar effect.

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