Ten of the Most Expensive Cars Ever Made

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Who doesn’t love looking at glossy pictures of super-fast and super expensive sports cars? When it comes to actually owning one of these cars it’s probably for the majority of us only a fantasy. For the rich and famous though buying a supercar is like buying a new pair of shoes. How often do we see the likes of Christiano Ronaldo posing next to a Bugatti or Wayne Rooney smiling as he gets into his new Aventador. Celebrity kids are getting in on the act too, with Beyoncé’s three year old girl Blue Ivy already having her own ‘baby’ Ferrari. For us mere mortals though pictures will have to do just now, so we have taken a look at ten of the most expensive cars ever made and the lucky people that own them.

Bentley Mulsanne- £183,434

This impressive model is luxury refined; its stunning exterior is complemented by a turbo-charged 6.75-litre V8 engine with a colossal 506bhp, and can reach speeds of 0-6mph in 5.1 seconds.Celebrity owners include Paris Hilton and Jay-Z.

 Porsche 918 Spyder – £518,576

Porsche call this model the sports car of the future, the hybrid efficient car can reach top speeds of 214mph and is a fantastic successor to the classic Carrera GT. U.S talk show host Jay Leno counts the Porsche 918 among one of his many supercars.

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