The 5 Best Options For Outer Space Real Estate

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In The Man Who Stole the Moon, a science-fiction novel written in 1949, the main character is obsessed with being the first man to travel to and own the Moon. In Despicable Me, the 2010 animation comedy film, the criminal mastermind Gru plans to shrink and steal the Moon. While these are merely works of fiction, in reality there is one man who didn’t actually steal the moon, but nevertheless owns most of it, all thanks to a flaw in the Outer Space Treaty. Dennis M. Hope spotted a legal loophole in the 1967 treaty, which had no reference to allotting private persons with lands that had no owner. In 1980, he submitted a letter entitled Declaration of Property to the United Nations, but has yet to receive an answer, even after 34 years. With no official refusal, he feels that he is the rightful owner of over 7 trillion acres of extraterrestrial land, whose value reaches over $100 trillion.

It may sound like a prank, but it’s true! You can become an extraterrestrial land owner today. Dennis Hope sold celestial parcels to more than 4 million people, including several presidents, six royal family members, and hundreds of celebrities, raising over $11 million in sales just by marketing the Solar System. He presently owns nine celestial bodies, and anyone can buy a few acres on whichever one they choose.

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so it’s only natural that they all return there someday. However, what exactly do you get for the money? Spectacular Earth view, absolutely no amenities or facilities, almost no gravity at all, arable only using nuclear power, huge parking space for your spaceship, and green dubious neighbors. Sounds like a bargain. so which one is better? Well, that all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, whether you’d like to see your land through the telescope, the odds of the planet being colonized in the future, and how many light-years are you willing to travel just to set foot on your extraterrestrial parcel. So here is a breakdown of the 5 best celestial bodies to buy land on.


Temperatures tend to reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit at noon, but they say it’s dry heat so it must be bearable. Plus, it comes with a nice view of both the Sun and the Earth. The smallest and closest to the Sun out of all eight planets in our Solar System, Mercury revolves around the fire globe much faster than other planets, which means that days go by more quickly. Due to the lack of atmosphere and extreme temperatures, it does not have the same colonizing potential as Mars or Venus. However, it seems they found water in the form of ice at the north pole, so there’s still hope.

The idea of building a base under the surface in the polar regions has crossed many minds. The planet’s soil abounds in helium-3, which would provide clean nuclear energy for many other extraterrestrial colonies and Earth, so it’s probably a good idea to get your hands on a few acres in case they do colonize it sometime in the future. One acre is sold for around $100, but so far few missions have targeted Mercury due to the Sun’s gravitational field drawing spaceships into a trap.

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