The 5 Best Options For Outer Space Real Estate

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The closest planet to Earth, and the second planet to the Sun, Venus is the second brightest object on the sky after the Moon. It is “only” 26 million miles away from the surface of the Earth at minimum conjunction. No man has ever landed on Venus, and as a matter of fact, it is considered impossible for human beings to survive on the planet due to its thick clouds storing the Sun’s heat, making it much hotter than Mercury, with a surface temperature of around 890 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the atmospheric pressure is 100 times than on Earth, and there are frequent sulfuric acid rains. So it’s hard to imagine how anyone could ever live there. Although, they do say that women are from Venus, so maybe we need a woman to figure out a solution.

Named after the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and fertility, poets have always been drawn to the bright star, often called Earth’s twin thanks to their similarities in size, mass, and gravity. However, are these reasons enough to colonize it? Until we find an answer, one acre of land on Venus is only $112, and the package includes a Venutian site map showing you where your land is located on the planet, and a Venus Deed with your name on it, which you can pass on to your heirs in case they decide to move there.

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