2. Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit

Jack and I looking towards Lake O’Hara (right) from the Opabin Prospect

The Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit is 12 km in length and it’s a combination of the following trails: Lake O’Hara shoreline hike, The Wiwaxy Gap, Hueber Ledges, The Yukness Ledges, The Opabin Plateau and the All Souls Alpine Route.

Together they circumnavigate both Lake O’Hara and Mary Lake at varying elevations, giving you incredible vistas, at all times. In this case however, fame and beauty come at a price.

The daily bus shuttle runs only a few times a day, limiting your chances of visiting the Lake O’hara region on a day trip. Moreover scoring a reservation is nearly impossible and requires some serious determination. My complete guide to Lake O’Hara will help you with the booking process so you don’t miss out!

3. Pocaterra Ridge

Me hiking along the Pocaterra ridge

Pocaterra Ridge is a very rewarding relocation hike in Kananaskis Country – my favorite region for hiking in the Rockies. Heading from North to South the undulating ridge has 3 distinct peaks which offer incredible views whichever way you look.

The hike is very popular in September when the larches turn yellow, but I chose to tackle the Pocaterra ridge in late Spring in some very challenging weather conditions. Being one of the most impressive hikes in Kananaskis, it’s surprisingly not very well known, in comparison to some of the other hikes in the area.

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