4. Indian Ridge

Gazing towards Mount Edith Cavell from the Indian Ridge

The hike up, and then along, the Indian Ridge in Jasper National Park starts with a gondola ride. This means instead of tackling the first 10 kilometres and 1000 metres in elevation up on foot, by using the Jasper Skytram you are fit and ready for the challenge within minutes.

From there you will start ascending first to Whistlers Summit and then towards the ridgeline. The views are uninterrupted from the start and stretch for miles ahead! On a clear day you can even see the summit of Mount Robson – the highest peak in the Rockies.

5. Tent Ridge

Golden hour light from the Tent Ridge

Another one of the incredible hikes in Kananaskis Country, Tent Ridge is an 11km loop which starts not too far from the Mount shark trailhead and Mount Engadine Lodge. It’s easy to miss it, as it’s not marked and often mistaken with the trailhead of Birdwood pass and Smutwood peak that is nearby.

The path up Tent Ridge gains elevation through the forest before emerging out onto a wide ridge showcasing mountains in every direction. It’s easier to follow the loop clockwise.

Tent ridge similarly to Pocaterra ridge is very popular in larch season, usually around the second half of September. When hiking Tent ridge during favourable weather conditions you can see the summit of Mount Assiniboine in the distance.

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