The top 10 tips and tricks to master your Apple Watch

Thirty-six days.

That’s how long I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch. It’s been a good month with Apple’s first wearable. We’ve traveled the country, checked into flights, taken selfies, bought shakes and told time together. I feel like I really know the watch. I’ve also discovered some hidden features and ways of getting more out of this impressively versatile device.


The first time I put on my Apple Watch, I asked Apple if there was a way to capture the screen. Apple execs said yes and added, jokingly, that the feature was added just for me. I think that’s at least partly true. Tech journalists like me want to illustrate our stories about gadgets by showing what we’re seeing on screen. The iPhone and iPad have always included screen capture (the early Windows Phone, notably, did not).

To capture a screen on your Apple Watch, just press the digital crown and side button simultaneously. The screen will flash and the image will be captured and stored instantly…on your iPhone. As a result, there’s no hunting around on the Apple Watch for stored photos, they’re all on the iPhone’s camera roll, stored as 312 x 390 PNG files.

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