The Top 12 Ways to Tell a Fake Rolex from a Real One

Rolexes, like any other luxury item, are a hot commodity. That means lots of scammers and thieves are going to be very interested in creating and/or selling fake ones at the price of a genuine article.

Scams of this type are very common, especially through the Internet, where sales can be made without ever seeing the face of or knowing the real name of the seller. What was once only seen in vans and street stalls in New York City has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Whether you want to buy a Rolex for yourself or a loved one, how can you tell you’re getting the real thing and not a well-made fake? Here are the top 12 ways you can spot a real from a fake.

1. Its Weight

Because Rolex watches at their cheapest run about $3,000, it’s made from the highest quality materials. This means that a genuine Rolex will have a significant weight and heft to it.

Cheaper construction materials in knockoffs mean a lighter watch. While a watch expert or experienced jeweler can tell for sure (they can weigh it and will know generally what a genuine watch’s weight will be), a good test is simply to feel how it weighs in your hand.

The fake will be significantly lighter, while the genuine article will have heft.

2. The Magnifier

All genuine Rolex watches feature a “cyclops” window above the date. This is a little magnifier that amplifies the number exactly 2.5 times for easy viewing.

A fake Rolex will either not magnify at all, with the cyclops simply being an additional hunk of glass, or it will magnify much less. You should not have to squint when looking at the date on a Rolex. If you do, don’t bother buying it.

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