Top 10 Back Exercises For Building Width and Thickness

Here is a great article that will educate you on the top 10 best back exercises for adding width and thickness. Using research from personal experience, professional bodybuilders, fitness models and highly rated bodybuilding and fitness literature. This article will go over the most effective movements that a person can do for a greater back workout.

#1. Lat Pulldowns:

We’ll start off the with Lat pull-down, probably the most widely known and popular exercise for the back. If performed correctly it can be a great exercise to improve back width and add some mass. It has been suggested through good research that grip width is not a major factor in promoting muscle contraction and that performing the pull-down in front of your head is more effective than behind the head. It should be noted that the behind the head lat pull-down can potential course damage or strain to the rotary cuff if not performed with proper form and technique.

Safety precautions should be taken to protect the rotary cuff whilst doing this particular movement. Although you may not hurt your rotary cuff, there is potential to strain them if not well rested before an intense chest workout. This certain exercise hits the lats (latissimus dorsi) more than any other group of back muscles, which is responsible for adding more width to the back.

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