Top 10 Free DIY Router Table Plans & Idea

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Router is a very helpful tool in woodworking. It can be used to help with molding, cutting angles, cabinetry and much more. It’s hard to imagine building anything complicated without one. Routers might be the most important tool a woodworker could use.

Most people use routers as a handheld tool. While it’s a viable option, a router mounted in a table (or a router table) is safer to use and can be used to cut on a whole different level.

Now, if you’re looking to build a router table by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 10 of the best DIY router table plans. Here they are:

1. Creston Wood Router Table Plans

This router table appears very useful. It has ample room for your router. And lots of workspace too.

But it also has nice drawers that would make a nice place to store little odds and ends. And to make it even better the plans are free. So it can be yours for the price of the wood and the accent pieces.

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