Top 10 Rolex Watches – Overview of Models Favoured By Our Readers

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It’s time for our annual overview of Top 10 Rolex watches according to our readers. Based on the reads per article, we created an overview of the Top 10 Rolex watches that you like best.

In our 15 years of existence, we have covered Rolex very frequently. Not only because we like their watches a lot, but also because we know that you do. Did you know for example, that the demand for Rolex watches is unmatched on websites like Chrono24?

Based on the click and reading behaviour of our hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month, we generated the following overview of the Top 10 Rolex watches (and ditto articles).

Top 10 Rolex Watches

It is a combination of modern and vintage Rolex, which also always remain the discussion among enthusiasts. There are pros and cons on either side and in our articles, we try to give you a couple of our thoughts on both accounts. We have a slight preference for vintage models ourselves, at least most of the Fratello editors, but the modern Rolex watches (if available) are simply HOT as well. The Top 10 Rolex watches overview below, has been generated using the interest in our Rolex articles in the past 12 months. Without further ado, here you go.

1. Rolex Submariner 116610LV ‘The Hulk’

The Rolex Submariner 116610LV (also known as ‘The Hulk’ for obvious reasons) was introduced in 2010 and a winner since the first moment. The demand for The Hulk is incredible and prices are going through the roof. A worthy successor of the former green Submariner (The Kermit), that was actually introduced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner. In this article, we compare the green Submariner with that other green version of an iconic diver.

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