Top 10 Theories About Dark Energy

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Einstein’s Theory of Gravity Is Wrong

Try telling one of the smartest physicists who ever lived that his (arguably) most famous theory is wrong . . . yikes. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that every body in the universe is attracted to every other body, with the strength of that attraction depending solely on the masses of the objects and the distance between their centers.

However, some physicists have argued that this theory might be incorrect and have been developing new theories of gravity to explain dark energy. In these theories, they reverse the effects of gravity on large scales so that objects repel each other.[4]

Although these theories do not have much experimental backing (since Einstein’s model of gravity has worked pretty well for us this far), they would explain why the universe is expanding. With these new models of gravitation, our universe would again reach a state of cold darkness after a state of rapid expansion.

Time Dilation

If you have ever seen the movie Interstellar, you have probably heard of time dilation. It is a phenomenon that occurs when objects moving close to the speed of light experience a slowing of time.

This is the same idea presented in the twin paradox, where one twin boards a spaceship that moves close to the speed of light while his brother remains on Earth. When they meet again after years of separation, the twin on Earth is significantly older than his astronaut brother.

A recent paper by Edward Kipreos, a professor at the University of Georgia, argues that only the moving object itself undergoes time dilation.[5] (Usually, the person observing the fast-moving object also experiences the effects.)

This would mean that the passage of time was faster in the past. This eliminates the need to have a repulsive force or substance since the apparent expansion of the universe would be a mere miscalculation of distances that have been affected by time dilation.

If this theory is true, it would not only contradict another one of Einstein’s famous theories (his theory of special relativity) but it would also imply that our universe would continue to expand due to the effects of the Hubble Constant.

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