Unusual Structures In Space

For us there are many mysterious structures in space that we humans always interpret as something familiar, but mostly they are anything but what we think we know. Here I will show you some you perhaps may already know but there will one or two you maybe haven’t seen yet.

Surely you will notice that these structures all have a religious name or reference to it. Many people are religious and superstitious and they give to those things they cannot explain names. But this names fits to the structures.

The Helix Nebula

This educated one looks as if it just jumped out from middle-earth. It reminds of the burning eyes of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. It is also sometimes called the eye of God. But in reality it is an astronomical phenomenon: a planetary nebula. Its real name is helix nebula or simply NGC-7293. It is located in the middle of the constellation aquarius, so far away that the light from there takes 700 years to reach us. Such a nebula develops when a star like our sun dies.


The Cross

The photo taken with the Hubble space telescope of NASA shows an incredible X-shaped structure that seems to resemble a cross. It was taken by Hubble’s wide-angle planetary camera. According to Hubble’s timing and location, which first published the image, the cross is due to dust absorption and marks the exact position of a black hole. The spiral galaxy M51 in which the cross was taken is about 1,100 light years away from Earth. The surrounding dust can have a diameter of 100 light years.


The Angels

This structures have been observed by hobby astronomers but also real astronomers from around the world have already made these angelic sightings. Mostly near our sun. NASA has not yet commented on these structures or sightings. Sometimes these structures stay motionless in space for a few days, move rapidly and disappear again after a while. These angelic structures are also larger than the earth. There has been a lot of discussion about this in internet forums. As you might imagine, some laymen claim that they are really angels as we can’t imagine them and the others suspect pictorial errors or ejections of our sun, which shape this structure by chance, which comes closer to the whole thing. Whatever these structures are, they are still fascinating and still unexplained.

The Einstein Cross

The stone cross is a gravitational lens system in the constellation Pegasus. Seen from Earth, the quasar stands exactly behind the nucleus of a galaxy about 400 million light years away, which acts as a gravitational lens and is known as a high-rise lens. The gravitational lens produces four similarly bright images in the form of a cross, with the galaxy nucleus in the center. The quasar shown is about eight billion light years away from the earth.

The Hand of God

Seen from the outside, this structure is reminiscent of a human hand and is called the hand of God. With the remains of the star PS-RB 1509/58, an unusual nebula has formed, which is located in distant space at a distance of 17,000 light years from the earth. It was discovered by the observatory New Star. According to NASA, the space structure is a premium Pulsar Wind Nebula and is nourished by the impulses of a star after a supernova explosion. Astronomers have not yet been able to understand how the nebula was formed. Either the pulsar influences the materials released by the explosion or the tissue forms itself. With a diameter of only about 19 kilometres, it makes about seven orbits per second, with its own particles being directed into the tissue that was dropped during the explosion of the star. These particles interact with the magnetic field causing X-rays. As a result, a cloud forms which, according to its shape, is reminiscent of an open palm.

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