What the Location of Your Bellyache Reveals About Your Health

Burning, dull, sharp pain or cramping in different areas of your belly can tell a lot about how your body currently feels. Since the belly contains a lot of important organs and nerve endings, there are many factors that can cause pain in different places. An unhealthy diet, too much food, smoking, and some medication can cause ulcers, gallstones, or even heartburn. That’s why it’s important to locate the pain and take the necessary measures immediately.

Dull upper abdominal pain: Excess gas

If you’re experiencing a dull pain in the upper area of your stomach or abdomen and you feel bloated, it can possibly mean that you have excess gas in there. You might also experience other symptoms: pain that comes in waves and causes your stomach to swell, you feel like something is moving in your stomach, and you are burping or passing gas.

Causes: Quick eating and fast swallowing with your mouth can cause this feeling. Fizzy drinks, beer, dairy products, and beans cause the formation of excessive gasses in the stomach.

Solution: To prevent this uncomfortable state, it’s better to consume less of the foods that are listed above. A quick fix for this problem is a pill with activated charcoal or a peppermint oil pill.

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