Why Your Emotions Can Ruin Your Health and How You Can Fix It

3. Fears and obsessions can cause symptoms of many different diseases at the same time.

You may start to worry about having a serious illness, even though there is no reason for it. And then after thinking too much about it, you really start feeling symptoms in your body. Obsession or fixation can cause this.

Sometimes we may overestimate problems. Fixating on negative feelings only makes the situation worse and makes the disease more real.

4. Emotional conflict and stress can provoke digestive disorders.

Our stomach is controlled by a complex system. Life’s stress can modulate impulses and cause undesirable reactions inside of it.

Inflammation of the stomach and gastritis may be caused by a conflict in the sphere of your feelings: the inability to take responsibility, grow up, and find a way out of difficult conflicts. When we refuse to see an internal conflict, it descends into the physical in order to make the brain pay attention.

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